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Shit I’ve Done

For those of you just checking in with me here and now…

I am Savage Henry Lee. This is my blog, where I write dadaist beatnik prose, usually connected to themes of violence, sexuality, fire, kinetic motion, and 90’s-style cultural rebellion. 

I have Savage Selections, which is where I reproduce stuff I like that other people write.

I also have Savaged Text, which is where I put my really adult “Oh baby, I wanna get in your pants and do stuff and yeah like that,” sorta writing. Yeah.

There’s also Perpetrating Ontological Thuggery, which is where I reproduce funny images I see here. So there’s that. 

Off of Tumblr, my big thing is The Young Offenders, an online comic I’m the writer and co-creator on. I think we’re on a semi-permanent hiatus at this point, but it’s still some 60 pages of violence and darkness and nasty little kids being awesome.

And that’s about me! 

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